October 22nd, 2007


First blood

Tomas at Lynah Sieve!

Michelle, Sarah, and Tomas (above, left) got to watch with me as the Big Red lit the lamp for the first time this season... and the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth (above, right), seventh, and eighth times, as well. After Friday night's lackadaisical scoreless tie against Trois-Rivières, it was nice to see Cornell step up and, frankly, pummel a not-yet-ready Ottawa squad, yesterday afternoon. Final score? 8-0.

Do you get to call a scoreless tie a "shutout" for the goalie? I guess so.

They really cranked the AC in Lynah before yesterday's game. It had been quite warm in the rink on Friday evening, making it a bit foggy, but thanks to a dryer heat yesterday, I guess it wasn't too hard to keep the moisture down. Nearly 80 outside, and nice and crisp in Lynah. (But not so cold that the sandals were a problem. The emergency socks stayed in my pocket.)

Staci and I had a really good dinner at [info]Joe's Restaurant afterwards; their dasherboard ad successfully planted the lasagna-and-wine suggestion in my brain! It had cooled off enough after the game that we decided to forego the original plan of finding someplace to dine outside.

After the lasagna and wine (pizza for Staci), we strolled around the waterfront for a while, and ended up having another glass of wine at the bar at [info]BoatYard Grill. Heading back to our cars, we poked into Ithaca Cheesesteak Emporium. I'll definitely have to order from them soon.

Sunny and mid-60s, going up another 10 or so degrees today, but this is the last of summer, I think. 50s and rainy for the next few days.