January 3rd, 2008


It's cold in here...

Deep and forboding doomBut at least there was fresh coffee in the pot this morning, unlike what I found yesterday, as shown here. And I've got the space heater going.

The problem with automatic sinks in the office restroom is that there is no way to get warm water out of them. I'm sure if you let them run for a minute, the water warms up, but you can only let an automatic sink run for a minute if you are holding your hand under it. I can kinda get it to run if I hold my hand behind the stream, but that gets old fast.

The vending machine company has informed our facility staff that they aren't making enough money on the chilled-food vending machine, even after putting prefab crap in it instead of fresh food that only stays fresh for a few days (imagine that), so they're taking it away. I'm having trouble caring, though I know it'll be annoying on really nasty wintry days when I want something to eat and there's nothing in the building. I think I'm going to get some hot soup across the street. Bye!

Thanks to DrStink...

Technology Review: "You Don't Understand Our Audience."

I knew it was pretty much over for television news when I discovered in 2003 that the heads of NBC's news division and entertainment division, the president of the network, and the chairman all owned TiVos, which enabled them to zap past the commercials that paid their salaries. "It's such a great gadget. It changed my life," one of them said at a corporate affair in the Saturday Night Live studio. It was neither the first nor the last time that a television executive mistook a fundamental technological change for a new gadget.