February 11th, 2008


Charlie out for a visit

My movie-capable digital camera was handy when Charlie came out of her hide for a few minutes tonight. Right place at the right time! She's mostly been hibernating the last few weeks, but has been popping out for a few minutes every few days. Thought I should share. :-)

The temperature plummeted as planned, thoughtfully waiting until we were home from the north country. I shoveled the morning's snow off the driveway while it was in the teens instead of waiting until the plunge was done. Now? 2°F.
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I don't know where this meeting food is from (wraps, fruit platter, cookies), but this is a kick-ass oatmeal raisin cookie!

A Road Runner outage killed my home network connection right before I was going to leave the house this morning, so I ended up staying put for a little while trying to troubleshoot before calling them. After I finally got through their annoying menu, I got a person who eventually discovered that, yes, there's an outage in my area.

And, hey, I didn't post this when I wrote it an hour ago. Oops!


My friend Jason was in this 68-vehicle pileup on I-81 near Hazleton yesterday. He's sore but OK, though his car was totaled. I guess it's a miracle that only one person died in this.

He didn't make it to work today, but was only planning on being out for one day. Hope we'll see him at Pixel on Thursday!

Yet another reason to be glad we drove home late Saturday night, instead of waiting until yesterday. The snow for the first stretch on Route 11 was annoying, but we honestly had really good weather considering what could've hit us. (44 1/2 inches in Minetto since this morning?!)