April 29th, 2008


Baby bunnies! Foster family needed.

Baby Bunnies

These three babies need a home with someone who can keep them in a nice warm place and feed them regularly to rehab them and let them grow up to be big, strong bunnies. (Right now, they're about the size of a cell phone.) If you're up for it, let me know.

AT&T adds iPhone plan for hearing and speech impaired...



AT&T has introduced a $40 per month Text Accessibility Plan available through the company's National Center for Customers with Disabilities. The plan includes unlimited SMS messaging and unlimited EDGE data, along with 40-cent-per-minute voice usage and Apple's Visual Voicemail. This plan is essentially the most expensive messaging packaging available as an add-on for existing AT&T customers who upgrade to an iPhone - that unlimited messaging plan also costs $40 per month - with any requirement for a voice plan removed.