July 3rd, 2008


I just slept for ten hours!

It was probably a combination of the packed weekend and being up past 3am on Tuesday night, but last night after a great dinner with J.C. and Dan, despite the cup of coffee, I started to feel quite tired. I was too lazy to go watch the fireworks from across the street, and ended up going to bed at 10 after I realized my eyes were closing whether I liked it or not. I woke up briefly around 5:20am, but fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until my alarm went off at 8.

Dinner at the Antlers was a pleasant surprise; I've always thought of it as a decent but not that great place, but they really impressed me last night. It wasn't cheap by any means, but it seemed reasonable for what we got, and the food was top notch. My roast duck, especially, was great! More about that in 14850_dining soon, with pictures!

Restaurant.com coupon

Thanks to Ben for pointing out that Restaurant.com has a 4th of July coupon out: use coupon code "LIBERTY" for a 50% discount on their already discounted restaurant gift certificates. The deal is available July 3rd through 6th.

Restaurant.com is a good way of getting a discounted meal at a place you've never tried. Unfortunately, there aren't any participants in Ithaca at the moment, but there are several in the region, including Corning, Binghamton, Geneva, Penn Yan, and Watkins Glen.

Of course...

Charlie had seemed quite hungry for a few weeks, so it surprised me when she only wanted to eat one of two rats I'd defrosted on Saturday, when the Mogils came to visit her after the wedding. Her skin also seemed a bit faded. And, the last couple of days, I'd noticed she didn't seem to be coming out of her hide. Well, duh! Every time she's about to shed, the signs catch me by surprise. I'm sure that's what's about to happen, so I'll just leave her alone and keep the water filled for a few days.

I hope Les will forgive me for being so amused at his reaction to Charlie. He really was not interested in having her come out of the tank to say hi. :-)

The rain seems to be letting up. I should head home before too much longer, via Sapsucker Woods to feed the kitties.
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Want one on Day One?

Not that I'm planning on getting an iPhone 3G next Friday, the day they're released, but the word that the new model will go on sale at 8am local time at each store makes me wonder if the people who camped out all day last year will camp out all night this year.

( AT&T Waking Up Early for iPhone 3G Sales... )

I may, however, try downloading the 2.0 software next Friday! I'm looking forward to using the release version of the new iPhone OS.