July 7th, 2008


Hot and steamy...

Just the way I like my tea. My sausages. My beach vacations, even. But not my Mondays!

Also, Camino seems to be catatonic. It's been thrashing the disk, and though it reacted when it finally let me click a link on the page I was on when I left on Thursday, it's still saying "Waiting for..." several minutes later. I think I'll kill it.

I got to watch Charlie shed this morning!

Charlie shedding!It's not the first time Charlie has shed since I adopted her last fall, but it's the first time I got to watch. She started slightly when I went downstairs and turned on the light, but kept on about her business. Conveniently, my new Nikon pocket camera was on the basement table, so I was able to capture a few minutes of video as well as a couple of stills.

Video: http://gallery.mac.com/mha/100032

When she was done, I was able to immediately remove the still-damp shed from her tank, which means I also have the first nearly intact skin. I've mostly found several pieces by the time I get there. This time, all but her front few inches ended up in a single piece. Holding it up in front of me, it was nearly as tall as I was, so I guess she's at least six feet long now!