July 28th, 2008


Mfg Date 11-86?!

Yeah, there's no point in trying to repair a 22-year-old refrigerator. Guess it's time to buy a new one. Luckily, the old one has been keeping stuff cool, and the freezer is still working fine, so there's a limit to what I might have lost. Mostly condiments, salad dressings, and a few random things. Some of the condiments and preserves are probably just fine.

I suppose I'll need to measure the space in the kitchen, and then figure out what features I want. I don't need lots of freezer space in the kitchen, since I have a big freezer downstairs. Probably don't use ice so often that I need an ice maker or dispenser, though the cold water dispenser that usually comes with them would be nice.

No doubt whatever I get will be more energy efficient than something this old. :-) I'll have to pay a visit to Thayer and Best Buy soon and see what's available.

Refrigerator options

Leslie's getting rid of the less-than-three-years-old refrigerator at the Queen of Tarts in favour of one that'll give them more cold storage space, but a) I'm not sure I'd be happy with no freezer in the kitchen, and b) its right-side-hinge door isn't reversible. I think a door that opens the wrong way would get annoying pretty fast.

Robert and Ralph have a side-by-side refrigerator that's about four years old, and they're not using because it was too big to get into their new place. Robert's going to measure it for me when he gets home. If it fits, that's a tempting option, since I'd get a great deal on it. Wondering if a half-as-wide door that opens the wrong way would be as annoying. Probably not. This one also has the ice and water dispenser, but I'd be on my own (or would have to separately hire someone) for installing the water line. I suppose it's possible there's one behind my refrigerator, but if that one's been there for 20+ years, it seems unlikely the one before it was plumbed.