June 3rd, 2009



I do not care to witness a pedestrian vs beer delivery truck collision. (Death by Coors would also have to be one of the most ignominious ends possible.) The driver managed to slow down enough, but the pedestrian (not even a student, which is more common for these situations) didn't even look.

Alan Rose and the Greenspans

Alan Rose at the Ithaca FestivalMy video of Alan Rose and the Greenspans performing at the Ithaca Festival is now online despite repeated annoying iMovie errors. I started the camcorder mid-song and have left that partial song, and for some reason the video stops in the middle of their last song. I hadn't stopped the camcorder until they were done, and there was plenty of disk space and battery left to record a few Nate & Kate songs afterward, so I have no idea where the rest went. :-(