June 8th, 2009



I changed hotels this afternoon, since the Union Square Marriott (formerly the Hotel 480) is a much farther walk than I was figuring on, and arriving in SF with blisters after walking all weekend, my feet are already pissed at me. Even the resulting 10-15 extra minutes of sleep in the morning will help!

Apple's really not managing to scale up WWDC very well to deal with the much larger crowds. This morning, I got into the overflow room to watch the keynote address fully half an hour after they started the keynote, and there were still lots of people in line behind me. It's ridiculous to make people line up around the block, wait until nearly keynote time to start letting people in, and thus make thousands of paying customers miss a large chunk of the most-anticipated Apple event all year. Since the food, what there was of it, was also on the second floor, this meant only the first few hundred people in line (who probably got here between 6 and 7am) got to grab pastry and coffee before the keynote. Herding people in line builds excitement and intrigue, but the result was very rude to attendees.

Anyone in the Bay Area care to comment on how the Mission Steak restaurant in the Marriott on 4th Street is? I have fond memories of the J.W. Steakhouse in the Springfield Marriott, but the Yelp reviews on this one are spotty. I may just find something in one of the two nearby mall food courts, or even the indoor farmers market (!) on the first floor of the Metreon. This is great use of dead retail space, due largely to the new Westfield Mall around the corner taking a lot of high-end stores.

Yes, I'm probably going to get the new iPhone to replace my personal Motorola on Verizon Wireless. That also means I can give Cornell back its first-gen iPhone, which I'm sure will be routed to someone else involved in supporting them. Also eyeing the new 13-inch MacBook Pro; disappointed that the MacBook Air didn't get a bigger hard drive this week, just slight processor bumps.

Battery's nearly dead. More later!