August 29th, 2009


New cat (209.8)

Since my parents are visiting this weekend, my mother ordered a family-pack copy of Snow Leopard delivered to my office yesterday. Unfortunately, FedEx didn't deliver it to me, but to some random office a few buildings away, and we didn't figure out where it was until late evening. The result will probably be that Apple has to send a new copy to my parents, since there's no way to get it over the weekend, and I'm certainly not shipping it to my parents at my (or their) expense.

Meantime, I'd already gotten a copy of Snow Leopard, and having verified that Eudora launches on Snow Leopard, I thought, I installed it on my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn't launch. I'll probably have to back up my laptop, reinstall a clean copy of Snow Leopard, restore my data, and then try again and hope it works. All the derisive "You shouldn't still be using Eudora" comments don't make Mail work for me. It just doesn't handle my e-mail universe, even after spending hours importing and converting and fiddling. I pretty much already knew it wouldn't, but being forced into it, I was hoping to make it work.