September 21st, 2009


Ow (208.8)

I woke up to a splitting headache at about 2:30am, and had just enough presence of mind to down three ibuprofen tablets and a couple of cups of water. Lying down again didn't accomplish anything, so I got up and sat on the couch with my laptop for a bit. It turns out that when you're sitting in the dark with a headache, the dimmest setting on the MacBook Pro's backlight is too damn bright. I got used to it after a few minutes.

The headache started to subside, so I climbed back into bed after a while, setting my alarm clock for a bit later to compensate. I managed to make it to work in time for the weekly 10:30 meeting, but after finding an empty conference room, learned from Michelle that it had been cancelled. Whee.

At this point, I've had a faint headache most of the day, and it vaguely feels like an encroaching migraine. So far it's staying at "encroaching" rather than "rampaging," which is fine. Plenty of water, some caffeine, and some food seem to be helping. Lunch was at the excellent new Xeo's Cafe, a little Vietnamese eatery in Collegetown that replaces the very similar Cà Phê House, which closed last year. Expect more about Xeo's Cafe in 14850_dining soon!