September 22nd, 2009


Almost Autumn...

Today's rainy weather is a sharp change from the gorgeous early-fall weather we've been enjoying here in Ithaca, even though fall hasn't arrived yet. (The autumnal equinox is in about five hours.) Seems like a good day not to venture outside for lunch.

Conveniently, I have some leftover "fall rolls" from yesterday's visit to Xeo's Cafe, having eaten just one of the three to avoid overeating. I'll probably down those, and pop over to Duffield Hall (which I can get to without going outside) for a small wrap or sandwich. Maybe they even have soup.

I'd love to go up to the Coal House Cafe for a bowl of their chicken soup, but even getting to my car in the rain seems not worth bothering. The weather will be clearing up for a nice weekend, which is fine by me.

Overhang, droplets, and foliage I