December 24th, 2009


My e-mail to Amazon just now...

Today I wanted to order items for my employer (Cornell University) through Amazon because I'm fond of your smooth customer experience. I was confused about how to place this order using Cornell's credit card and tax-exempt status, and the online documentation suggested that I couldn't directly do so.

I tried your "call me" feature for the first time, and the agent I spoke with, whose name I believe was Kayla (sp?), was clear and friendly and helpful. She wasn't positive how to do it, either, admitted she needed to check with someone, and did so. This is a GREAT attribute for a customer service staff member. She came back with a clear answer and helped me do what I needed.

I can't imagine the last time I spoke on the phone with someone at Amazon, but this went smoothly and quickly and we were able to complete an order that should keep everyone happy: my boss because it's tax exempt and will be here soon, me because I like buying from Amazon, and you because YOU like me buying from Amazon.

Thanks for being there and caring about the customer.

Hope you all have a terrific holiday season.


Should sleep well tonight...

I got to sleep at a reasonable time last night, but was woken at 2:30am by what I'm guessing was a pocket-dial or an inadvertent click, from an unrecognized 360 (Washington area?) number. I could hear people talking in the background, but they didn't seem to hear me. I thought about calling back, but decided if they really meant to talk to me, they'd figure out a way.

Can't help but wonder if this was a result of my putting my phone number on the Facebook page for supporting Arrow Trucking drivers. The timing makes it make sense. Ah well.

Of course, I couldn't fall asleep again for an hour and a half.

Time to go home!
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