March 4th, 2010


Next couchsurfer...

A Canadian violinist and conductor, one of a bunch of people coming to town to help a local group put on an opera at Risley next weekend, is staying at my house for the week. He didn't find me through, though; I know one of the organizers from her days at the Queen of Tarts. I told Jessi I could host multiple people, with the caveat that my brother has a room reserved for the weekend. :-) He'll probably get to break in the new bedding I just ordered from yesterday, after being reminded of the great comforter I got from them a few years ago. The comforters on my guest beds have been getting a little shabby, so replacing at least one of them sooner rather than later seemed like a good idea.

The three scheduled performances overlap the best-of-three playoff series Cornell Hockey is hosting next weekend, so I'm hoping we sweep the series in two games and I can go see the show on Sunday night.

The show is Rousseau's comic opera "The Cunning Man," sung in English translation. Tickets are free, but if you're interested in going, get your ticket quickly. Jessi says they're going fast. (Don't take tickets you're not reasonably sure you'll use. Empty seats are sad.)