May 4th, 2010


Ow (214.0)

I can't tell if someone's been screwing with my office chair or if I'm just sore, but I can't get comfortable today. It feels as though there's misplaced pressure under my thighs, the lumbar support seems to be in the wrong place, and my shoulders are killing me. Maybe I just slept wrong. Maybe it's all the driving in the last week.

Great time in Westchester on Sunday night for my father's 70th birthday dinner, a very small family gathering with us and his brothers and their families. It was the first time he'd agreed to having any birthday party at all, and my mom was amazed and scrambled to set things up. :-) It was a nice dinner in the upstairs party room in one of their favourite restaurants in the next town over. The owners love them; they hadn't intended to be open at all, since it was also the chef/owner's 60th birthday, and they were just going to have a family gathering for him! There will, of course, be food pics on Flickr later.

It's probably not helping that it's been warm in here all day, though I can feel some cool air moving in the office now. Hoping it will drop the temperature down from the 79 or so it's been hovering at.