May 29th, 2010



We've had a full day of running around town (my friend Molly and her boyfriend Russ are visiting) and have been on the couch for a while. Our plans for a homecooked meal featuring Piggery pork chops and the rest of our Ithaca Farmers Market take evaporated thanks to Molly's urgent desire to order wings from Wings Over Ithaca using Campusfood during halftime of the Cornell lacrosse game. The theory was that we'd have the wings as an appetizer and then eat dinner later, but none of us was really hungry enough when later came.

We also took the opportunity to watch the first episode of "Treme," which has been collecting on my TiVo for the month and a half since the series started. It's a new HBO series set in New Orleans that starts a few months after Katrina. Parts of this story have been told before, but instead of the cop show that happens to be in post-Katrina NOLA, this is really looking at the effects on ordinary people's lives in the aftermath of the city's devastation. The ensemble includes some musicians, a small restaurant owner, a lawyer, and so on. John Goodman is the only actor on the show I'd call a big name (no pun intended), but he's not the only familiar face.

The pacing felt a little slow, but I wonder whether that was the contrast from the fast-paced lacrosse game, or an intentional feel in a show set in the "Big Easy." Certainly one thing that was pitch perfect, as it were, was the music. New Orleans is one of the top music cities in the world, in addition to being one of the top food cities in the world, and if I can't taste the food, I can enjoy the brilliant music. They're making a point of lining up the good stuff.

This isn't the only show I still need to catch up on, but I'll try to watch some more of it in the coming week.