August 17th, 2010


Because this is America, dammit.

From the beginning of this nation we have fought prejudice and religious intolerance and our greatest enemy, stupidity exploited by rapacious politicians. It is only 50 years now, this month, since Americans publicly and urgently warned their countrymen not to support a presidential candidate because he was a Roman Catholic. He would bow to the will not of the American people, but of the Pope. He would be a papist. He would be the agent of a foreign state. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Special Comment.

"Masjid-Manhattan" opened in early 1970. Four blocks away, the World Trade Center opened, in December 1970. The actual place that is the real-life equivalent of the paranoid dream contained in the phrase "Ground Zero Mosque," has been up and running, since before there was a World Trade Center, and for nine years since there has been a World Trade Center. Running, without controversy, without incident, without terrorism, without protest.

Because this is America, dammit, and in America, when somebody comes for your neighbor, or his Bible, or his Torah, or his atheist manifesto, or his Qur'an, you and I do what our fathers did and our grandmothers did and our founders did. You and I speak up.