August 27th, 2010


Looking forward to Dragon*Con next weekend! (214.6)

But first, really looking forward to seeing friends north of the border this weekend. Other than driving across Ontario last March en route to Grand Rapids for the NCAA hockey regionals, this is my first visit to Canada in nearly seven years. It's past time.

It should be a pretty relaxing weekend, which is good, as last weekend's camping trip was relaxing but not enough to keep me relaxed for long. Next weekend will be awesome, but by no means relaxing. (If you need a hotel room, by the way, I have spares.)

For this weekend, I've picked up some Canadian currency at one of the local banks. I considered just stopping at one of the Tim Hortons or similar rest-area eateries not far past the border, since I know they all give Canadian currency in change for your purchases with U.S. currency, and I would probably have gotten a better exchange rate that way, but it's OK.

I'll also call AT&T on my way to the border tomorrow to request their $25/month 20MB/month "international data roaming" plan, on the theory that having that available if I need to use a little iPhone data is better than not having it available, and paying their way-higher-per-kilobyte rates you pay if you have no such plan. I don't intend to use much of it, and once I return to the U.S. I'll cancel it and pay only a couple days' worth, pro-rated.

I've got my Passport Card in my wallet already, and will probably put my actual passport in my luggage, just in case. What am I forgetting to arrange for my trip north?
Fleur de Lis

Five years already?

I suppose it can't really be a coincidence that I put on my Café du Monde "Hurricane Katrina Beignet Rescue Team" t-shirt this morning. My brain did it on purpose, without telling me.

Gotta go back soon. I was there several months before, and several months after, but a return visit is long overdue.