November 18th, 2010


She has such a way with words... (215.2)

DEAR MISS MANNERS -- Is it acceptable to have a big party for the end of child support being paid to an ex spouse?

GENTLE READER -- Only if you know people who would be charmed by your exultation at severing the responsibility for your child that is no more than is expected of every parent. And who would enjoy your sneer about the person who has been doing the daily job of rearing your child. Miss Manners is not among them.
Nikon Me

Everyone likes piggies...

MulefootI was tickled to learn yesterday that someone has approached Getty Images with a request to license one of the photos I took at The Piggery during their CSA member tour this summer. Getty Images and Flickr started a relationship earlier this year whereby Flickr members can make their images available to be requested, and then Getty Images can start a relationship with the photographer, accordingly. The licensee pays Getty Images, who pays the photographer.

The Piggery folks are tickled, too, though Heather wants to make sure the image won't be used by some loon for nefarious purposes before she gives their OK.

Unfortunately, the Getty Images web site tries to do all sorts of cutesy, dynamic updating of web forms, which makes it awfully glitchy. It has some problems in one browser and other problems in another. So far, I think I've managed everything I needed to do, but it doesn't bode well.