January 31st, 2011


Do you wear a watch? Why or why not?

I liked fabunobo's post with the above question, not least because it sparked some interesting discussion here and on Facebook.

My watch found its twin!I do. As a kid I was in the digital watch, and then even calculator watch, phase. Before there were iPhones whose screen resolutions nearly match those of our HDTVs, with built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers for game play, the second generation of calculator watches had "games" that required you to push the calculator key corresponding to the symbol flying across the screen before it got to the other side.

Now I wear an 11-year-old Swatch Skin, super thin and light, without numbers. I can just glance and know what time it is; no need to take anything (like a cell phone) out and push a button to look. I'm periodically tempted by fancier, more complex watches, but haven't really had a compelling need to buy one. This one, which I bought in the Madrid airport in April 2000, may just last forever. I take it off every night before bed, and put it on every day when I get dressed. The only exception is that I take it off when I get to the site of a proper vacation where the exact time doesn't matter, like the beach houses we've rented on the Outer Banks, and don't put it back on until it's time to leave. Or until the hurricane warning and evacuation order arrive.