February 2nd, 2011


But *I* probably won't get to sleep late... (214.0)

Cornell has announced it's closing until 10:30 tomorrow morning, as have several local school districts, including Ithaca and Lansing. It's nice to have all of those announcements in early, but I'm sure I'll still get an early-morning phone call to add a few items to the Ithaca closings & cancellations list.

Today's phone call came even earlier than usual. The folks at Odessa-Montour don't like that they can't reach someone at the radio station at 5:20am (Jeff's shift doesn't start until 6), and some asshat gave them my cell phone number, so they've been calling me. I worked on the assorted updates, got a couple more hours of sleep, and then worked from home rather than screwing around with what I knew were pretty messy roads. (They were apparently fine for the evening commute home.)

I don't think tonight and tomorrow are going to be quite as impressively messy as forecast, at least not for us. The forecaster I trust most has lowered the snow accumulation estimates a little, but one of the worrying factors is that we may also be getting some sleet.

I may work from home again tomorrow, after the University opens late. Nothing scheduled on campus, so nothing I can't do via e-mail and web browser.