August 1st, 2011


I'm glad I don't have to move annually (212.2)

The shortest time I've lived in one place was two school years. I did have to move out of my dorm room for the summer between freshman and sophomore years, so I suppose that was effectively living in one spot for one year at a time, twice.

My carbon monoxide detector loudly and repeatedly announcing the end of its seven-year lifespan this weekend drove home that I've now been in my house for just over seven years. I went and bought another at Lowe's (no sign of Brian) that's both AC-powered and battery-backed-up. It even has a little digital readout that shows the current CO level and lets you check the highest level it's seen. (So far... 0.0.)

Contrast that with the friend I've been helping move out of her apartment. She's been avoiding the situation, so wasn't nearly read to move out yesterday, but I helped her load some stuff into my car. The landlord, who apparently didn't have the place ready for a week after the promised date last summer, has told her she has until tomorrow morning.

One of the screwy things about the annual rental market is that you have to be out of your old place by July 31st, and you can't move into your new place until August 1st. Who does that work out well for?! Among other issues, it guarantees all the U-Hauls in the region will be rented out for those two days. I'm not surprised lots of people line up their next apartment starting a month before their old lease ends, and spend the month moving, though not everyone can afford to pay rent twice for a given month.
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