March 13th, 2012


I remember a few awesome St. Patrick's Days in Lake Placid... (205.8)

There was an Irish pub next to the MIrror Lake Inn, I seem to recall, at the end of the lake, a short drive or not-too-long walk from town. Since there was even less to do in Lake Placid between hockey games than there is in Potsdam or Canton, other than the annual pancake breakfast the Lions Club always threw the weekend of the ECAC tournament, eating and drinking and walking around town were about it.

We had a couple of good St. Patrick's Days in Albany, too. McGeary's, which we've visited once or twice a year, pretty much tents in an entire block for the weekend, and has an endless party with lots of live music. It's way easier, perhaps I dare say more pleasant, when we're there anytime other than St. Patrick's Day.

I have no idea what Atlantic City is going to be like. We know where Trinity Brewpub is, and we eventually found the nasty, mismanaged RiRa, and I have to imagine both will be swamped all weekend. It might be saner to skip them, since somehow I doubt the area is really heavily Irish, and these are just going to be random people working in random Irish-themed bars.

I do have to say I always enjoy being in Ithaca for St. Patrick's Day, though, and it's a shame we're going to miss it this year. (It would be more of a shame if we got to be here because Cornell didn't make the tournament, though, right?)