August 13th, 2012


Battery case ordered… (211.0)

One of the big things I needed to take care of in preparation for Dragon*Con was ordering an extended battery case for my iPhone. I had such a case for my 3GS, which at least doubled, and probably tripled, the battery life of the phone. That's always useful, but on travel days, convention days, and hockey road trip days, when my phone gets a lot of use, it's vital.

I won a Miccus ChargeBlock Mini from in one of their weekly giveaways, and having that in my pocket has meant an extra couple of hours of battery life at the end of the day several times. Helpful, but not enough, though it did let me put off for a while getting something more heavy-duty for the iPhone 4S.

Now, after some waffling, I've ordered a PhoneSuit Elite for my phone. It comes strongly recommended by a fellow hockey journalist, too.

I'd been considering one of the Orderborder options on sale the last few days, but the sale of the slimmer one with swappable batteries (a nice touch) ended last night, and the solar-charging model that's still available through tomorrow night looks nifty, but bulky. I love the idea of keeping the case, and thus the phone, trickle-charged with sunlight or even indoor light, but it looks as though it would make the phone too hefty.

Since the PhoneSuit is one of the increasing crop of items on Amazon that's sold by someone else but fulfilled by Amazon, I couldn't take advantage of the free one-day shipping offer available if you use your Discover Card. I wonder how many items are left that Amazon does sell directly. But anyway, it's still Amazon Prime eligible, so I get free two-day shipping. Good enough. And between a birthday gift certificate I hadn't used yet and some Discover reward points that could be instantly redeemed on Amazon, the $80 case required an outlay of $10 and change. I can handle that.