September 5th, 2012


I miss my car (212.4)

As I've done a few times, while I was away I lent my car to a friend rather than pay to park it at the airport for six days. A friend who's used it before got it again; she needed to bring her car in to have the AC replaced. Good timing!

Smushed A4Unfortunately, yesterday at lunchtime, another driver ran a stop sign and hit her. She's fine, but the car's not drivable, and was towed to the body shop. Ironically, the smashed corner includes the same quarter panel the body shop just repaired a couple of weeks ago, following damage apparently caused at the dealership during an earlier service visit.

The other driver is clearly at fault, so her insurance company should be taking care of me without thinking about it, but I'm really getting the runaround from GEICO. My friend and her boyfriend picked me up at the airport last night and brought me home. I really needed a car today, though, and GEICO is seriously dragging its feet on getting me a rental.

I had an early-afternoon meeting with another friend, and he was kind enough to pick me up at home after I'd worked from home for a few hours, then drop me at the office after the meeting. I should've just gone back home instead. Getting home was a huge pain in the ass. My second attempt to use TCAT in the space of three weeks was an utter fail. The bus zipped right past the stop I was standing at, waving. I ended up walking over to Collegetown and catching a bus from there, which was better than taking two buses and transferring anyway, I guess. And, it meant I could visit the Bear's Den, the newly opened pub in the Straight, and take some pictures for Campus Life Marketing purposes.

I have a cold. I'm tired and sore. I have errands I need to run. I need a car. GEICO, please give me a car I can use.