February 27th, 2013


Snow, sorta (212.2)

We weren't expecting too much from the winter storm that was slated for last night through noon today, and that's about what we got. I did get the early-morning wake-up call to deal with some one-hour and two-hour school delays south and east of us, but eventually managed to fall asleep again.

Inconveniently, I only managed to fall asleep after my alarm clock went off. Hitting the snooze button is apparently a great sleep aid. Several times.

Loving the big, fluffy snowflakes, though!


In other news...

I'm seriously considering adopting a dog again. This little girl is Ruthie, a two-year-old Shepherd mix. She came to the SPCA around Christmas, and delivered a litter of ten puppies. Yes, all of them are adorable, and most are gone.

IcarusI wouldn't be surprised if Ruthie also had a little Rhodesian Ridgeback, judging both by the faint ridge down her back and the extremely expressive eyebrows. A coworker expresses concern that an unspayed female has probably never been really well taken care of, and is probably not really house trained.

This guy at right is Icarus, a mutt of unclear heritage, but who they're speculating is also a Shepherd mix. This picture made me wonder if he might also have some Akita in him. He's more like three, and is probably more likely house trained. That's fairly important, since most days I'll be at work across town all day. I'd definitely have to get out of the habit of going about my evening without going home, though.