October 30th, 2013


Probably coming down with a cold (207.6)

This past weekend's couchsurfer complained of a cold and sore throat before she left, so she's a likely vector. Oh well. She was interesting to have here, though, and the least-fluent-in-English couchsurfer I've had stay with me to date. She's from Brazil, and as I pointed out, her English is way better than my Portuguese, but it was still an impediment. Luckily, she seemed happy to Skype with a friend back home, and even ran into a couple of Brazilians at the hockey game (she spotted the guy by his haircut?!), so she had other people to chat with.

Garlic Chip CookiesOne of the things she joined me for over the weekend was Saturday's garlicpalooza tailgate. At first, she figured Americans are odd and get together before football games to eat a variety of garlic dishes, but she caught on pretty quickly that, no, we're just odd enough to do these themed tailgates once in a while.

The garlic theme was awesome, and my garlic chocolate chip cookies were certainly a hit. (Really!) There was also garlic cheese potato soup, roasted garlic with bleu cheese, bacon-wrapped jalapeño-garlic poppers (overlapping with last year's baconpalooza tailgate), garlic hummus, garlic-garlic dip, chocolate-covered garlic, garlic truffles, garlic pulled pork, garlic cheddar biscuits, and caramel-covered grapes. (Hmm.)