April 27th, 2014


Penny will forgive me for today's Dog Wash indignity, eventually... (208.0)

I probably wouldn't have bothered, but Molly reminded me of today's Dog Wash over at the vet school, so Penny and I drove over to meet her and Gloria there early this afternoon. I'm not sure I needed to spend the extra $10 on the "pedicure," since they said her nails are mostly pretty short already, thanks partly to lots of walking on pavement. That was the part she was least happy about, trying to jump away from the vet students. I think the bath itself she merely found weird. I've only bathed her once before, after she came back from last October's "vacation," and she wasn't thrilled about it then, either.

Right now she's being very clingy, curled up on the couch but kinda leaning against me. She sure is soft!

I do think she liked exploring the hallways of the vet school and meeting lots of other doggies, and the event itself was in a breezeway that smelled fascinating. I think she kept looking around to see where the cows were.