May 13th, 2014


Audi collection? (210.4)

I'm not sure why, but Audi, who last sold me a car three years ago, has just sent me a "thank you" package that consists of a catalog of fancy gifts I'm welcome to select from. Nice headphones, nice luggage, a nice metal clutch that resists RFID spying, a Slingbox 500, fancy watches, and a Nest "learning thermostat," one of the ones you can tell from your phone to warm up the house when you're on your way back, but that also learns your patterns and has already probably warmed up the house before you walk in the door after work.

I kind of expected the catalog would be full of Audi logo pens, polo shirts, maybe even jacket, but there really seems to be very little Audi-branded stuff. I think just a watch. Much of this stuff is in the $200-300 range, and I suppose I've given Audi enough money over the last 12 years that I'm entitled to a little gift.

So, I'm thinking I should take them up on it before they realize I haven't just bought or leased a new car, and withdraw the offer. Probably the Nest, since I already have a Nest Protect smoke detector (a gift from my parents) and have been eyeing the thermostat.

Random leftover joys

I don't know when I made this chicken and Italian sausage dish, but I pulled a container of leftovers out of the downstairs freezer yesterday and defrosted it to have for lunch at work. Just ate half... and then the other half. Delicious!

Sometimes I make enough food for one meal, but much more often I make enough for several. I don't always manage to put some in the freezer, but I should make more of a point of it. That way I'm not getting sick of anything after several days, and I get to enjoy a little variety down the road.

It had chunks of chicken, Italian sausage, green peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes, and it was pretty delicious! Thought you should know.