January 10th, 2015


Staying put (204.2)

I should be at a friend's housewarming party right now. In less than an hour, I should be at a women's hockey game, cheering or taking photos. The latter seems especially important, since I skipped last night's game, and since the guy who runs the fan club asked me to come take photos of the fan gathering after the game. That would seem less crucial, except he asked me that after I asked what I could do to help with the club while he deals with the fact that his (adult) daughter died unexpectedly this past week. Ugh.

But I'm tired. I've had a cough for at least three weeks, I'd say, and it's really getting annoying. It's probably bronchitis, and probably has been for most of that time. It's feeling good to sit on the couch with the sun streaming in the windows and the dogs napping. Carter, who joined us on Monday, is snoring gently. He does that a lot!

I really haven't gotten out to do much lately, and feeling slightly (or significantly) under the weather is a lot of it. It's nice that it's really sunny out right now, but it's also really cold. In the teens, anyway, which is plenty cold. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt over my t-shirt inside the house. I even wore a sweater on Thursday! Have you ever seen me wear a sweater? Not many people have.

So, I may convince myself to stay put. Or I might make it out to some of the hockey game, if not all of it. We'll see.