May 13th, 2015


Yup, I still speak Italian

Three years of Italian in college left me more or less fluent -- but that was a long time ago! I was pleased to see that much of the grammar and vocabulary came back to me pretty quickly.

Breakfast at the AirportEven pretty tired, with hardly any sleep on the plane, I was able to converse in Italian with the nice people at the great cafe on the way out of the airport. There was a breakfast service on the flight, and it was actually a delightful warm muffin and a couple of other random items, but I figured I'd need more than that to get me to lunchtime.

This was the €4.70 breakfast combo: a cappuccino, fresh orange juice, and a cornetto. (More or less a croissant, but a little breadier.) For €5 even, I could've had a chocolate cornetto instead, but I decided to stick with the basics. The euro isn't very strong right now, and the dollar is doing very well, so this was just a hair over $5. What would this cost at a Starbucks? $10?