October 19th, 2015


What a difference a block makes (211.6)

First of all, yes, I realize I should've gotten gas in New Hampshire before I headed down to yesterday's farewell post-wedding brunch in Massachusetts. I'm sure it would've been cheaper. But I'd seen some cheap-enough gas not far from the Stonehedge Inn where the events were, and could've filled up there after brunch if it weren't for the Baystate Marathon messing up traffic and partially closing a lot of roads in the area.

I had noticed on Friday that the gas prices on the Mass Pike weren't too bad, but I wanted to get gas before I got back on the highway. I figured correctly that after detouring through all of the residential areas to avoid the Marathon, I would find a couple of gas stations near the on-ramp to I-290. I had to go under the highway overpass, and there was a Mobil just ahead.

Great, I thought! I'll swipe my Plenti card and get points for buying gas at Mobil that I can use towards Rite Aid purchases. But, yikes! $2.55/gallon for gas? $2.65 for credit card purchases? The gas on the Mass Pike had been $2.17/gallon! I pulled into their parking lot long enough to pull out again; I saw a Sunoco in the next block, and headed there. $2.15/gallon. Even with credit card. Much better! Not as good as the $2.07ish we'd seen in Nashua, but that's OK.

No doubt that Mobil sucks lots of people in just by being closest to the highway, and figures enough people will buy gas from them out of convenience that they can make up for anyone with half a brain going to find more reasonable pricing elsewhere.

Before getting onto the Mass Pike, I remembered I needed to add money to my E-ZPass account, and pulled off the highway to hit a Wendy's for its rest room and Wi-Fi. Across the street was a gas station with $1.89/gallon! Yeow. No-name gas, but still.