October 21st, 2015


I guess I was last at Wrigley Field in 1991...

I have a funny feeling it was a Mets win that night. :-)

I'd check, except my e-mail archive doesn't go back quite that far, and I haven't succeeded in getting Google to tell me the dates of the Windy City Workout. That was the Apple engineering "summer camp" I got to go to in Chicago when I worked for a local computer dealer. This was more or less the precursor of WWDC, the Worldwide Developer Camp that was open to all registered developers, as opposed to just Apple staff with a relative handful of dealer tech people.

As amazing an opportunity as WWDC was when I first started going in 2003 and for a few years after that, these summer camps were remarkable. We were really learning alongside Apple engineers, getting the same level of education and background on the company's latest technology, as well as what was coming. We got to see the three models of PowerBook before they had been released. Can you imagine that happening today?

I've got about 20 years worth of e-mail archive (YIKES) but it doesn't go quite far enough back that I could search my mail for hints of when I was in Chicago, so I can double-check that the Mets were in town that night.

We spent the week on the campus of Northwestern University, which also meant I got to meet John Norstad, the developer of Disinfectant, a handy free antivirus utility for which I was an... advisor? (Actually, I provided some material for the software. Can you guess what I contributed?) We got cards that allowed us to eat in Northwestern's cafeteria, which was fine, but even better were the theme dinners each night, featuring Chicago cuisine.

And the baseball game. Definitely a Cubs loss. Pretty sure against the Mets.