January 4th, 2016


First day back (208.0)

Happy New Year! There's an unfunny meme going around Facebook with written answers to how vacation went, how Christmas was, etc., and while I can sympathize with people who get sick of small talk, I like the way my office does it.

Pretty much every week we start our Monday morning staff meeting with a quick overview of what we've all been up to for the weekend, and for the first workday of 2016, we stood around enjoying our coffee or tea or oatmeal and catching up for about 20 minutes. Then we got to work. Refreshing!

Sara at TavolataMost of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Swarm (which no longer seems to have a way to link to profiles, but I'm not hard to find) probably already know that I spent a good chunk of the time between Christmas and New Year's Day visiting friends in Seattle! My friend Sara, who's in the Navy, is transferring to a new job, and won't be based in Seattle any more, so after years of her telling me I should come visit, I figured this was my chance!

Highlights included a great gathering of a bunch of the random friends in the area, who showed up at a combination game store and bar. (Combination game store and bar?! That's AWESOME!) Impromptu brunch with susandennis, who dropped everything to meet us at the ferry. An amazing dinner at the bar a formerly-Ithaca bartender friend now works at. A fabulous BBQ dinner that was a team effort between Sara's boyfriend and me. Oh, and a guided tour of USS Nimitz, aboard which Sara's been stationed the last several years, which is in port for a refit.

Another highlight was that much of the visit was spent in a house with six dogs! Yes, that's ridiculous, and yes, it had the added benefit that now hanging out with my two lazy pit bulls seems positively restful!