March 13th, 2016


Habits (213.2)

Something Ned (a fellow photographer) said to me at a game last weekend really resonated. He was talking about how he had changed his eating habits when his doctor told him to lose weight.

"If you do it for thirty days, it'll be a habit."

The dogs and I have been back in the house for two and a half weeks, and one of the things I'm trying to do is get in the habit of folding the clothes as they come upstairs from the laundry, and putting them in reasonable places in the dressers and closets.

I still have lots of clothes in bags that came back from the laundromat, but they're at least all folded for me, so that should be easy. Knowing a lot more about my clothing categories than I did when I moved in and last organized the dressers should make a difference, too. For example, I just put a stack of green t-shirts together; there's a relatively small number of occasions when I'm going to wear those. (One is coming up.) I put a stack of red t-shirts together, but realistically, that's probably going to turn into a whole drawer.

Also important to the new habit is putting clothes where they belong when I take them off. Shirt I'm going to wear again? Getting folded and put in a drawer. Anything that's heading to the wash? Into the hamper. That should help keep the room tidier than it has been in a while.

Exciting? No. Important to keeping the house presentable? Yup.