April 25th, 2016


Change of scenery (211.2)

Well, we moved today! I don't think I've posted about this before, but our whole office, and the other offices on the first floor of our building (which is otherwise one of the big residence halls on north campus), are moving for the summer -- and today was the day.

We're going to be on the second floor of a warehouse building off campus, and while we were told it's air-conditioned, one of the folks who's usually in the building says it gets warm over the summer. Great. I strongly prefer not warm.

It's also got a touchy alarm. About 10-15 minutes after Karen and Steve left, leaving me alone in the building, two CUPD cops wandered in to find out why the building alarm had gone off. Luckily, they believed my silly story about it being our first day above the warehouse!

Maybe tomorrow will go more smoothly.