September 12th, 2016


Of course 3¢ coffee is a good idea!

Cornell Dining celebrated its #3 ranking in this year's Princeton Review college food rankings by offering several 3-related specials today. My favorite? 3¢ drip coffee refills! Bring a reusable mug, or bring back a paper cup, and drip coffee is just three cents.

I grabbed a handful of pennies on my way out the door this morning to make it as easy as possible on the cashiers. I was vaguely tempted to try buying a 3¢ cup of coffee at every eatery we have that sells drip coffee, but as we tweeted, that way lies madness. I didn't do an official count, but I think we have 18-20 eateries that were participating today.

Ended up having three travel mugs of Starbucks coffee, going with Café Estima twice and Pike Place once. My travel mug is probably 16 ounce compared to the 10 ounce cups (or is it 12) I usually brew at work, so I had more coffee than usual, but not crazily more.

At 3¢ a cup, compared to 30¢-50¢ per K-Cup, I definitely couldn't afford to ignore this offer! Also could've gotten a $3 latte or cappuccino at any of our eateries that do espresso drinks, but obviously that's nowhere near as good a deal.