December 9th, 2016


I was wiped out last night! (215.6)

Got home at almost 9pm last night after an exhausting day that ended with drinks with a few friends downtown, took the dogs on a bedtime walk, climbed in bed, and fell asleep. I woke up shortly before my phone alarm woke me at 5:30am to see if there were any school closings to report. I was a little surprised there weren't any.

The long day started with early morning breaking news coverage about a late-night shooting at the Ithaca Walmart that led to a standoff with the suspect. It looks as though the shooter and victim hadn't known each other or interacted before. This comes just days after a homicide in nearby Newfield that may have just been a robbery gone wrong.

There are hints that there's an underculture in the area that we hardly ever hear about, and that the violent crime we're hearing more about is a manifestation of that.

We're pretty lucky that we don't get a lot of asinine online comments on our articles. One of yesterday's gems (not on our content, I'm glad to say) was that this was just more of what you can expect after "the blacks" moved into the area from Rochester over the last decade or so. Yeesh. Of course, that was before the police released the name and photo of the white suspect.

There were a few things I could've gone out to tonight, but I decided to go with something simpler, and invited a couple of people to get a bite for dinner. Unfortunately, I never heard back, and was too unrealistically optimistic to give up soon enough to make other plans. Went home, ate leftovers, relaxed with dogs and TiVo.

Probably won't stay up too late tonight. Even though I got eight or so hours of sleep last night, it ended early. I think I dozed a bit, but not much, alternating attempts to fall asleep again with stints on the iPad reading some overnight social media.

Planning a relatively quiet weekend, though I do hope to go to a friend's "ugly Christmas sweater" party tomorrow.