March 7th, 2017


Poor piglet! (220.4)

I'm fostering a dog who needed a place to live while learning how to get along with other dogs, and unfortunately, after doing really well with my pair for a week, they got in a bad fight last night. Auggie was seriously injured, and I was finally able to bring her home from the vet ER at 2am.

Miss AuggieA friend who loves taking care of my dogs when I'm out of town asked if she could come cuddle them while I was out at a friend's going-away party last night, and of course I said yes. Carter loves her, though, and probably felt very possessive, which is my guess as to what went wrong last night. (I wasn't there, and the friend is unclear on exactly what happened. She was pretty shaken up.)

I had to come right home and take Auggie to the vet, since she was cowering in her crate and wouldn't come out for the friend. She needed surgery, including lots of stitches, so anesthesia and catheter, and is on antibiotics, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory.

She was very woozy but waggy when I brought her home last night. Wouldn't get up this morning at all, but was willing and able to come out for a walk when I got home late afternoon.

Now she's in her crate, having taken her pain meds but nothing else, and not eating any of her food. Moaning in (I hope) her sleep.

Poor piglet.