March 8th, 2017



On a whim, I went looking earlier for Mac LiveJournal clients, and discovered Xjournal. It looks very comparable to iJournal, including the feature to let me know when there are new posts on my Friends page!

I used this to write the post about Auggie earlier, left it open, and was delighted to see it tell me there are new posts to read.

I've just finished reading back about a week's worth, which will have to do for now.

I took Penny and Carter out for an early bedtime walk a couple of hours ago, then closed them in my room and let Auggie out of her crate. Glad to see she popped up and toddled out, and with just a little coaxing, made it down the stairs to the front door so I could take her outside.

She's not walking well, or, honestly, sitting well, but after she meandered around the front yard for a while, we came back in and I sat on the floor with her and watched some more TV. She's having enough trouble with steps, and definitely shouldn't be doing any jumping on to couches, so I didn't want to push it. Plenty of pets and snout scritches and encouraging tone. Even if I'm sad to see her look so sad and uncomfortable, I need to do my best to make her feel good.

Gave her a bedtime dose of pain meds and antibiotic, and got her back in her crate so I could let Penny and Carter out of my room. She stood still for a few minutes, then eventually lay down.

The friend who was here last night feels awful for what happened. Simply, if she hadn't been here, it wouldn't have happened; they'd have been crated when I was out. But it's not really her fault. I was getting overconfident with how well they'd all been doing together, and either of us could have decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the muzzles on Carter and Auggie while they were all out of their crates.

I'm grateful that she feels she should pay for the vet bills. I can imagine vet care getting hugely expensive, and while this wasn't as bad as it could have been, I'm glad I'm not paying for it. My finances are still strained as it is.