April 15th, 2017


Sometimes a nap seems like a good idea (216.8)

Of course, it just occurred to me that usually, if I feel like taking a nap, it's because I'm getting sick. Here's hoping that's not the case this time!

Today featured enough running around, though, that I may be OK.

The day started (well, after I walked the dogs, of course) with a minimalist tailgate before the lacrosse game. Jon and Lisa were the only ones there when I got there! I brought some hard cider and macaroons, since I don't drink beer during Passover and didn't expect lots of snacks I could eat. Happily, there were Easter chick deviled eggs!

Then it was off to Collegetown for WVBR's Electric Avenue Music Festival, three acts each at three venues over the course of four hours. I wanted to get pictures of as many of the performers as possible. Pretty good event! I ate a little bit of the Al Pastor taco filling from the Bickering Twins Catering taco stand out front, which was outstanding, and then I had one of the brunch specials at the Carriage House Cafe... pork belly topped with a poached duck egg! Nice variation on a frisee salad.

Then, as I was walking back to my car with vague thoughts of popping up to Six Mile Creek Winery to see if they'd released the new wines they thought might be out today, Ed and Jen drove by, and asked if I wanted to hit the Cornell Dairy Bar with them. Sure! So I got a rare dose of ice cream.

Lots of running around, good food, and a rainy afternoon made for a good nap recipe. I headed home and curled up on the bed with a trio of puppers. I know I dozed at least a bit, and then got out of bed in time to walk them all before sundown.

I've been relaxing on the couch with two of the three (Penny wandered off to lie on my bed) and the TiVo. Perfect evening, eh?

Maybe I should watch some "Barney Miller" soon

It's been 35 years since Max Gail has been on TV regularly, but it only took me a moment to realize the guest star on this episode of "Hawaii Five-O" was the actor who played Wojo on "Barney Miller!"

He has way less hair -- well, to be more accurate, it's distributed differently -- and I wouldn't have recognized his face, but his voice hasn't changed one iota.