August 29th, 2017


Driving for Lyft (216.8)

I haven't talked about it a lot, but I've been casually driving for Lyft for about a month, partly to inform the long article I've been writing about ridesharing services reaching Ithaca.

Mostly, it's been fine. Nothing too weird. The most noteworthy ride was late Saturday night, after I'd taken lots of music photos downtown and turned the Lyft Driver app on, on a whim, as I headed back to my car.

Collapse )

I'm probably going to be doing LESS driving for Lyft in my new car, since I don't want to use up limited lease miles. (I had a LOT of miles left on the lease that just ended.) But there's definitely demand.

If you want to try driving for Lyft, in Ithaca or elsewhere, use my first link and we'll both get bonuses up to $200 depending on how much you drive!

If you want to try riding, use the second link for a $10 credit on your first ride, and I'll get a $10 bonus.

DRIVE for Lyft:
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