August 23rd, 2018


Quick vacation day (221.3)

A few weeks ago, I got the e-mail from HR telling me I had too much vacation time accrued, and if I don't use it by October 16th, it expires. Of course, the last few weeks have been our busiest of the year, getting ready for students to arrive! It's kinda when we can't take vacations.

There's probably no way for me to take the whole three weeks (!) of excess vacation time in the next two months, but I might plan a staycation... and I can certainly take a day here and there.

Today was one of those! Good timing after working all weekend for opening. I spent a lot of the day with the dogs, but also went and had a decadent early-afternoon breakfast at Sunset Grill, the diner on south hill just below Ithaca College that's about to get busy with their students coming back to town this weekend. The weather was perfect, cool and low humidity after weeks of too-damn-summery, so I sat outside for a leisurely lunch.

I'd love to take a beach vacation in Rehoboth Beach or somewhere else, and apparently there are dog-friendly beach vacation rentals, but I probably don't have time to put something like that together with enough people to make it affordable. Maybe a quick camping trip with the dogs, though.