April 14th, 2019


Starting fresh this week (222.3)

Facebook is down this morning for many users, including me, so a bonus LiveJournal post! (Many of my LJ posts lately are automated shares from Instagram, which is also down, so my feed looks pretty broken here, too.)

On Friday, I posted on Facebook, "This week is fired. We'll try again next week." I didn't elaborate, but it was just a big pile of things that were frustrating for me, painful for friends, or just generally bad news.

For me, we had a mess with the 14850.com site where we publish Ithaca news, events, dining, entertainment, etc. that started with noticing some hacked content. It's still not fully resolved, and it meant the loss of some background data, like advertiser statistics. Not a catastrophe, but unfortunate. Ari's been spending a lot of time trying to troubleshoot and repair.

The local news included a fight on the Ithaca Commons that has generated some concerns of excessive force by police in arresting a woman who tried to intervene in a friend's arrest, potentially based on race. A bike vs. car crash in an intersection that's gotten a lot of attention. Threats of violence at a local school. A suspicious package at a social services building. And, finally, a friend of several friends died of her injuries after what seems like a freak accident on Route 13.

Other than getting that last news late in the day, Saturday was a good reset day. I picked up a friend on the way to lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton with two more friends, including the photographer whose work is currently on display there. The four of us had a great time, and it was cool to connect two photographers. Did some wandering around downtown Binghamton and had a beer at Galaxy Brewing, too. Their kitchen is closed, but the good news is they should have a kitchen again when they move this fall! They've been too constrained for brewing capacity at their current spot, and they'll be able to produce several times as much beer, and thus be able to distribute much farther, after the move. They'll even have a parking lot!

Watched the NCAA national championship hockey final last night. Some decent hockey, but I was only half paying attention.

Today, going to give a shelter dog some exercise and socialization. She needs some extra attention, say the folks there, and maybe some extra work will help her do well in meeting her future family. Not sure what the rest of the day holds.