April 24th, 2019


When "good enough" defeats great (218.3)

I think Napoli makes great pizza, but it felt on the expensive side long before Franco's leapfrogged everyone in town to take the Most Ludicrous Price award.

Yesterday, I broke the news that Napoli is closing in downtown Ithaca after over four decades.

Kinda like Thai Cuisine closing after years of being the best of a too-wide field of Thai restaurants in town, I suspect Napoli may at least partly be a casualty of people deciding to go for GOOD ENOUGH at a lower price rather than splurging for better.

Back when I used to order pizza delivery more, they were perfectly situated to deliver to my house. Certainly the closest of the GREAT pizza.

The new owner (who bought the business several years ago after working at a chain pizza shop in town) reduced the hours last year, and I gather was trying to sell the business last year. With so many pizza places in the downtown core, it must've been increasingly tough to justify the high rents. It's certainly easier to deliver, especially to the campuses and the hill neighborhoods, from the outskirts rather than from downtown.

We're still left with a couple of great pizzerias in town, and plenty that are, well, GOOD ENOUGH. But it's a shame to lose one of the iconic old Ithaca businesses.