August 5th, 2019


Another great Couchsurfing experience! (220.2)

I'm glad I told the last-minute request for Saturday night that with guests already lined up for Friday night and Sunday night, it would be better if she found another option; Sunday night's guests reached town at 10am Sunday!

They'd taken an overnight three-bus trip from Toronto, which meant they'd gotten very little sleep and were glad the guestroom was ready for them to take a nap.

The three-leg bus trip included four hours sitting in the Rochester bus station overnight, which makes me look forward even more to the idea of a Toronto to Ithaca flight. Of course, that would probably be too expensive for the average couchsurfer.

Before the nap (I dozed a bit myself, upstairs) we did a quick driving tour of town, so they could get a feel for the area. I also ran up south hill to help Jake load his moving fan with the last of the stuff from his late parents' house, and earned some beer on his tab last night.

They were impressed with how much random crap about Quebec is in Jake's head when we were having said beers at the Westy.

And, as with many of the Couchsurfers who come through just for one night, Marion and Clara depart today wanting more -- more of the great sights and eateries of Ithaca, especially! I'm hoping they'll be back.