September 7th, 2019


Slower Saturday (220.0)

Some sniffles and runniness that could be allergies or could be a cold made me decide today to trim some of today's long list of plans and spend more time relaxing with the pups.

I started watching my new Blu-ray of "Captain Marvel" last night, but was dozing off even before midnight, so I went to sleep and started over today. Maybe that was a sign!

Took a break during the movie to run downtown and get a little social media out for today's Cornell event on the Commons, and saw a few coworkers who probably appreciated I was out there.

Made it to a bit of the neighborhood potluck picnic (and I'm glad I did, since I got to meet some new neighbors) but decided to skip the rest of the evening's plans. The broccoli slaw with grape tomatoes and pumpkin dressing was a hit! Just enough left for a few bites tomorrow.

Now I'm watching the Mets game, which I wouldn't have bothered with except my brother and sister-in-law are there! I know where they're sitting, but haven't spotted them yet. I'll definitely need to get the dogs out for a bedtime walk, since their "evening" walk was really early.