December 1st, 2019


Early trip back (219.5)

Drove back to Ithaca yesterday afternoon with three last-minute passengers, students who wanted to get back ahead of the storm. Two of them were pretty monosyllabic, but the third was very chatty for a good chunk of the ride, and an engaging kid.

Would've loved to be at Madison Square Garden for that BIG RED WIN, but I enjoyed watching it on TV! Cornell is now 2-0 vs BU at MSG with me NOT there, and I have never seen a Cornell win over BU at MSG. I've seen wins in the alternating Frozen Apple games, but not in the biennial Red Hot Hockey against BU. Maybe I should stop trying to go to that one!

Today? Was thinking about the South Hill Cider event and the Alan Rose solo show at the Haunt, but I'm almost certainly just staying off the roads. Might roast something.

Finishing later... both of those events were canceled, and I've stayed off the roads! Made some roasted wings and some Instant Pot wings. Now watching TV with pups and cocoa.
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