September 4th, 2020


First houseguests since February (203.8)

My basement is tidier than it's been since I cleaned it up for the AuggieDay Party hardly anyone came to at the end of February, since I wanted to make it as presentable as possible for visiting houseguests from NYC.

A friend and his partner were planning a long holiday weekend in Ithaca, and as they were asking for advice of what to do and see in the area, I offered to let them use the basement guestroom. They've been working from home and have been very careful, I've been working from home and have been very careful, and I figured if we were all careful while they're here, this was reasonably safe. Certainly as safe for them as staying at a hotel or B&B with random other people.

They arrived last night around 10, and they brought me NYC bagels! They actually asked if there was anything they could bring from Manhattan, and I suggested as long as it wasn't out of their way, I'd love a real bagel. Don't get me wrong, I like CTB for lots of reasons, and their bagels aren't bad, but there's just nothing else like a New York bagel.

We had a good chat for a while after they got in, and Tony's partner Jack, who I'd never met, is an aviation engineer! He builds jet engines. Almost but not quite a rocket scientist, I guess. We got to have several minutes of fun AV geek conversation. Tony was probably rolling his eyes.

February saw a couple of overnights from a friend between late-night and morning shifts at an Ithaca College Dining facility, and another friend stayed here overnight while taking care of the dogs when I popped out of town for my mom's birthday. Can't recall who the last "proper" houseguest was. Probably Laura when she came to town for a hockey game.