January 11th, 2021


What do you do when your car locks itself in the garage? (201.0)

Saturday afternoon, while I was watching football with a dog on my lap, my watch announced that my car was unlocked and its trunk was open. The Car-Net app is set to display such alerts. The car was in the garage, though, so I didn't worry too much about it.

I hadn't tried driving anywhere since then, until this afternoon, when I needed to head to WVBR briefly. I hit the code on the garage door keypad, and it stopped a couple of inches up! Oops! The car's hatch door was in fact open, and there's so little spare space in the garage -- which I finally cleared enough out of last month to fit the car in, but only barely -- that the open hatch was stopping the garage door from opening. Something was catching on it. Luckily, garage door openers are designed to stop trying if they hit an obstacle, or there could've been damage to garage door or hatch door or both. I looked to see if the app, which knows the truck is open, can also close it, but it can't. Not enough "give" in the door to pull it forward enough to clear the car hatch.

I figured I would go around to the back door of the garage, climb my way around the limited space around the car to get to the back, and close the hatch. But the back door of the garage is locked! Is there even a key to that? I can't recall one, but it's not the house key or anything else on my daily keyring. I have another keyring with stuff like my parents' housekey on it, which used to live in my car, but I'm not even sure where that is right now.

Eric came by to walk the dogs this afternoon, and I asked him how his lockpick skills are. Sadly, he didn't have a kit with him! I figured at worst, I could call a locksmith to get in that back door.

While he was off with one of the dogs, I Googled closing the hatch remotely, and the consensus on all of the forums seemed to be that you can't close it on some models, even from the button on the driver's door, though you can on others. At this point it occurred to me try the remote that had started the problem! I went back outside and pressed and held the trunk open button on the remote. It looked like it tried to close, but hit the garage door again. Then I realized that was because the garage door was stuck open a couple of inches. It kept returning to that spot whenever I entered the code, rather than staying closed.

But, if I put my foot on the handle as soon as the garage door was closed, it sensed an obstacle and didn't try opening again! Then, hitting the trunk button on the car remote closed the hatch on the car. Finally! Now the garage door opens again. I closed it and locked the car.

Pretty soon I'll spend more time clearing more stuff out of the garage in front of where the car is now, so I can pull the car farther forward and have less risk of this happening again. Also, I'm going to either find the key to that back door, or get it rekeyed! After all, I do need to be able to get in there to get to the car, and open the garage door remotely, in the event of a power failure.

Either that, or I should give up on parking the car in the garage.